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October 22, 2013

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September 12, 2011

Gnomon's free ZBrush tutorials

Gnomon shares us two new free ZBrush tutorials by character artist Mark Dedecker, who has worked as the lead character artist at Gentle Giant Studios and Ignition Entertainment, specializing in high and low resolution modeling and texturing for films and gaming  characters

Texture to displacement
In this video I will be discussing how to create seams in cloth using polygroups based on the UV shells of a model. We will also be discussing how to convert UV based texture files (in this case the cloth pattern of a shirt) into a displacement map and how to place it on the model as sculptural detail.

Displacement tutorial
In this video we will be discussing the process of generating 16 bit and 32 bit displacements. We will also cover using the GoZ plugin in order to export models and how it automates the displacement setup process in Maya.

Click  here to  watch  the tutorial