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April 4, 2014

Download CG Arena Magazine Mar - Apr 14

What  Inside Mar - Apr 14

April 16, 2012

Download CG Arena Magazine Apr - May 12 Issue

CG Arena Magazine Apr - May 12 Issue 
CG Arena released the another free  issue of there CG Magazine.
What  Inside  Apr - May 12 Issue

March 12, 2012

Create your own wall-e robot and rig its tank tracks in Maya

I am sure most of us watched Wall-e .If you also want to create and rig a Wall-e kinda robot here is a amazing tutorial for you by Anthony Ward. After watching this tutorial you can also create your own  wall-e  robot  and rig its tank tracks in Maya .

Anthony Ward a freelance digital artist and a animator will tell you how to rig a cute robot in Maya using  Maya expressions and demonstrates  the principals of rigging a rotation track .

February 15, 2012

Download CG Arena Magazine Feb - Mar 12 Issue

CG Arena
CG Arena released the another free  issue of there CG Magazine.

What  Inside  Dec - Jan 12 Issue 
Interview with Andre Holzmeister
Photoshop: Making of Spellweaver
ZBrush: Making of Deep One
3ds Max: Making of The Wolf Brigade
3ds Max: Making of English Pub
Gallery - Showcase of latest 3D inspiring art 

January 8, 2012

Escape Studios: January's Free Tutorial Animate a Bird & Make it Fly - Part 2

Last November Escape Studios gave away the 1st part of there free animation tutorial entitles "Animating a Bird & Making it Fly " in which they covered the mechanics of the bird locomotion and now they released the second part of the tutorial in which Alex Williams will demonstrate you how to take a simple avian flap cycle and put it in a believable environment. You'll also learn how to add personality and character to your work while retaining a simple workflow.  Learning to create a motion path and  to attach the bird to the motion path in also included in it. Finally to add a simple texture and lighting to the environment and to create a batch render to create a final shot for a animation showreel .

Duration: 22 minutes
Note: You have to register to watch this tutorial .

December 26, 2011

Download Free Restaurant model set

3D World Mag  giving away a free restaurant model set which contains the chairs, table, napkins, glasses, lights etc, comes with materials and shaders and its compatible with 3D Max 2011 and V-Ray version  1.5sp5.

December 25, 2011

Digital Tutors: Maya tutorials to improve your modelling

3DWorldmag and Digital Tutors shared free tutorial to improve your modelling skills in Maya .In this 1 hour and 30 mins series of tutorial Justin Marshall will teach you how to create a smoother workflow and getting better results.

December 23, 2011

Download a Free Texture collection

3d World mag  is giving away a  collection of 50 amazing  free textures courtesy CGTextures and Texturepilot .There’s a whole array of textures, from grass and leaves, to tiles, bricks and planks.

Download all 50 textures now! (ZIP, 351.5 MB)

December 17, 2011

Free: A Set of Metal Fences

3D World Magazine offering a free download of  a set of metal  fences, courtesy Pariah Studios   on 14 Day  of Advent calender.

December 16, 2011

Free Vue asset :Old Village

3D World Mag is giving away a Old Village model for Vue, courtesy of e-on software . The Old Village is a detailed model of several buildings, linked by sidewalks and alleys, with gardens and walls, as complex as the real thing. Detail is modeled in, including rooftiles, decks and balconies, window shutters, steps, and other small and realistic additions.

December 14, 2011

December 7, 2011

Download CGArena Animation Magazine Dec - Jan 12 Issue

CG Arena released the another free  issue of there CG Magazine.

What  Inside  Dec - Jan 12 Issue 
  • Interview with Dan Roarty
  • Photoshop: Making of Airbattle
  • Photoshop: Making of Natalie
  • 3ds Max: Making of a Cop
  • 3ds Max: Making of Steampunk Faith
  • Gallery - Showcase of latest 3D inspiring art
(Registeration Required)

October 1, 2011

CGArena Animation Magazine Sep - Oct 11 Issue Available for free download

CG Arena released the another free  issue of there CG Magazine

Sep - Oct 11 Issue Articles

  • Interview with Justin Holt
  • Photoshop: What are they Staring at
  • ZBrush: Making of Iron Asylum
  • Photoshop: Making of Knight
  • Photoshop: Making of Amazons Vs. The Sea Monster
  • Gallery - Showcase of latest 3D inspiring art 
 (Registeration Required)

September 12, 2011

Gnomon's free ZBrush tutorials

Gnomon shares us two new free ZBrush tutorials by character artist Mark Dedecker, who has worked as the lead character artist at Gentle Giant Studios and Ignition Entertainment, specializing in high and low resolution modeling and texturing for films and gaming  characters

Texture to displacement
In this video I will be discussing how to create seams in cloth using polygroups based on the UV shells of a model. We will also be discussing how to convert UV based texture files (in this case the cloth pattern of a shirt) into a displacement map and how to place it on the model as sculptural detail.

Displacement tutorial
In this video we will be discussing the process of generating 16 bit and 32 bit displacements. We will also cover using the GoZ plugin in order to export models and how it automates the displacement setup process in Maya.

Click  here to  watch  the tutorial