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April 4, 2014

Download CG Arena Magazine Mar - Apr 14

What  Inside Mar - Apr 14

November 1, 2013

HOUDINI 12 Released

After 3 Sneak Peek videos finally, Side Effects Software has released of their most anticipating "Houdini 13" which introduces a finite element solver, a new multi-threaded particle architecture and a new lighting workflow .

April 27, 2012

Escape Studio's April Free Tutorial: Scurrying Scarab Beetles

Scurrying Scarab Beetles
I am sure most of you have seen " The Mummy" and " The Mummy Returns".If you also want to create the the thousands of beatles coming out from a hole or from the demon mouth effects which is shown in the movie . Escape studios vfx aritst and tutor Dan Shutt  will demonstrate you to how to animate thousands of beatels using Maya Goal  Objects and Particle Instance.

January 8, 2012

Escape Studios: January's Free Tutorial Animate a Bird & Make it Fly - Part 2

Last November Escape Studios gave away the 1st part of there free animation tutorial entitles "Animating a Bird & Making it Fly " in which they covered the mechanics of the bird locomotion and now they released the second part of the tutorial in which Alex Williams will demonstrate you how to take a simple avian flap cycle and put it in a believable environment. You'll also learn how to add personality and character to your work while retaining a simple workflow.  Learning to create a motion path and  to attach the bird to the motion path in also included in it. Finally to add a simple texture and lighting to the environment and to create a batch render to create a final shot for a animation showreel .

Duration: 22 minutes
Note: You have to register to watch this tutorial .